May 20, 2016

Only 7 Percent of MBAs in India Employable, Rest Struggling

Every year, India produce lakhs of MBAs, but the real question is How many of MBAs passing every year are employable ?
There is at least 5,500 approved B-schools in operation in India and including unapproved institutes could take that number of B-Schools in India much higher. Collectively they are pushing lakhs of MBAs out there in job market. However in a recent study by ASSOCHAM ( Associated Chambers of Commerce of India) in Firstpost, it has been pointed out that, only the management graduates from institutes like IIMs, XLRI and ISB has been able to grab a good job. Rest are either struggling to find a job or working at a salary between  Rs.8000/ per month to Rs.10000/- per month.

“India has the largest number of MBA colleges if you do a survey of college to population ratio. So when the supply outstrips the demand, the prices automatically fall,”says Mohammed Abbasali Gabula, Deputy Director (External Relations and Administration), S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. Only handful of MBAs knows the key terms and ideas of their relevant area of industry or expertise.

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Another reason is that B-schools are churning the low standard management graduates who lack in the skills required by job market. The outcomes of this study has raised a red flag over the quality of education quality in mushrooming B-Schools showing lack of accuracy in their regulations.

The study reveals that, only 7% of the MBAs passing every year in India are employable. It excludes the management graduates from IIMs, XLRI, IBS and other top 20 B-Schools in India. The value of students graduating from IIMs now has degraded than the students graduated in the past 15 years. The core reason is - poor quality of education, lack of quality control over infrastructure, lack of better faculty and outdated curriculum. It simply indicates one thing, the whole system needs to be revamped. 



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