June 13, 2016

10 Sectors, You Must Know About, With Maximum Job Opportunities

With so many new courses and opportunities in the market, it has become an important question for the students to decide their specialization. Here we have tried to list out the 10 sectors which are expected to have comparatively better job market in upcoming years. 

1) Information Technology
IT sector is still going to be the job leader in Indian Job Market, as India continues to be the leading software exporter. Also, the new opportunities in Cloud Computing, AI, Application Market, Big Data and IOT (Internet of Things), will be creating jobs.

2) Retail/ E-commerce
Revolution of E-Commerce is here in India. With investments for expansion E-commerce sites like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart, these giants are already having multiple job openings for skilld representatives. Also, with the traditional retailers entering the E-commerce market, there are more opportunities. Not only this, it has given a boost to the logistic industry as well creating space for jobs.

3) Manufacturing
The pet project of PM Narendra Modi, Make in India is picking pace as more foreign companies are setting up manufacturing setups in India for automobiles, smartphones, computer hardware and defence equipments. Jobs in manufacturing are set to grow.

4) Banking
With new innovations in digital and mobile services, banking industry is on rapid transformation mode. Now, banks are looking for more tech-savvy younger energetic generation for their workforce. Also, opening of new small scale banks and payment banks, e-wallets services are already creating thousands of jobs.

5) Infrastructure
Housing for all project, Smart City Project, Metro Projects across multiple cities, upgrading Railway Stations and airports, construction of highways, flyovers, underpasses and other projects in real estate are going to create a lot of lucrative job opportunities in country.

6) FMCG and Consumer Durables
Average spending of households on consumer durables and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are growing as more the super-markets open up besides the sheer variety of products on sale, giving a huge boost for manufacturing and marketing of the products.

7)  Energy sector / Power Sector
Government of India is focused on power to all by 2022. The power production, transmission and distribution companies in India can be seen growing and expanding hiring. Also, with the promotion and rapid implementation of renewable energy sector, no doubt that Energy sector is going to be a lucrative employer.

8) Automobile Industry 
Increase in middle class families and arrival of newer cost effective and better mileage cars in the market with lucrative deals, automobile industry is  growing. Add to this the growth of ancillary industries and services stations. Jobs are only growing.
9) Healthcare
Healthcare is a major business now as more private hospitals, diagnostic centres and pharmacies coming in. The sector is also organised via startups. The demand for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals has seen a consistent rise.

10) Education
Teaching was not a hot profile till some times back. But now, with the arrival of thousands of private universities and global schools, the demand for teachers and professors are higher than ever.



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