June 13, 2016

5 Body Langages You Must Know About Before Going for Interview

During career counseling program, I have met alot of management graduates, who were curious to know about the body language for interview. Though, there is alot, you must be aware of, but here we will discuss the 5 most important body languages you must know about before going for interview :

1) A Gentle and Firm Handshake : 
 There is nothing good as a gentle and firm handshake for leaving your first impression. A firm handshake represents the authoritative nature. Weak handshake to start off or end the interview will ruin the whole opportunity, avoid it.

 2) Don't Lean Back or Lean Forward Or Cross Hands: 
Leaning back looks you look LAZY, that you would never want to look like in a job interview. Avoid slugging in chair or taking extra support from back of chair. 
At the same time, leaning forward shows extra aggressiveness. Extra can be harmful here. So, just sit naturally straight. 
Also, avoid crossing your hands as it will send a direct message to the interviewer that you are being defensive. 

3) Proper Eye Contact : 
Remember, you can say alot through your eyes. So never avoid eye contact with the interviewer. Yet, you must not stare or look anywhere else on interviewer's face or body while he/she is speaking. Just stay calm and look calmly during the conversation. 

4) Avoid Constant Nodding : 
Being a "Naysayer" is not recommended in the interview but you must remember to not to leave your impression as more of a YES person. Avoid constant nodding on each and every sentence of the interviewer. 
5) Constantly Looking at the Clock or Watch : 
There is no fixed time duration for interview. It can of few minutes to hours depending upon the interviewer. If interview is taking longer duration and you are in little hurry, avoid constantly looking at the clock or peeking to your watch during the conversation. It might make you look like impatience.   


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