June 2, 2016

93% MBAs in India Are Useless, WHY

Only 7% of Management Graduates of all MBAs passing out every year in India are employable. It has been revealed in an study by ASSOCHAM India. It means 93% MBAs are unemployable and useless in current job market. 
Most of the MBAs in India are either jobless or are struggling to survive at the salary between Rs.8,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month. 

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Excess Seats : 

In the last five years, the number of B-school seats has tripled. In 2015-16, these schools offered a total of 5,20,000 seats in MBA courses. Around 220 B-schools have shut down in the last two years in Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region), Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Dehradun etc. and at least 120 more are expected to wind up in 2016. The reason is losing market and poor job placement. 

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Poor Basic Education : 

The blame is on B-Schools for producing low quality Management graduates. But they are not the only culprit here. This story of low quality education had begun years before an MBA aspirant reaches B-School. The primary schools by Govt. are a mess, facing shortage of teachers. Even those who are there are not so qualified, as well with responsible attitude. The students passing our of these schools crawl ahead by stepping on ladders of private colleges and reservation landing to B and C category B-Schools. 

Low Quality Education in MBA Colleges 

The blame for producing unemployable MBAs by B-School is on economic slowdown. However, Low education quality is one of the major reasons behind it as these colleges are not producing Managemtn graduates upto the required standard. From 2014 to 2016, campus recruitment have gone down by a whopping 45 per cent.  

Management Institutes Focus on Fee than Quality : 

Most of the B-Schools take in students for fee only in various self running diploma courses, which focus on making money more than enhancing quality of aspirants. The students with poor basic education and required skills get admission in these institutes and start living in fools world with day-dreams to get a job anywhere between 5-6 lakhs per annum. 
With low industry exposure, poor knowledge of there sector and specialization and  not so good communication, skills and attitude, these MBA graduates are pushed into job market. 
No doubt we are rushing towards scenario where India would be having a huge number of people with degrees but but not enough manpower with proficiency to meet the emerging requirement of our industrial and other sectors.

Poor Faculty 

The faculty in these colleges are those people who failed to get a good paying job in corporate sector and chose academics to survive. Some of those faculty members are even pass outs of same college or institute. Holding a bunch of degrees and a desire to survive they just switch to academics as lecturers, teaching either in same or equivalent institutes.  

Industry Disconnect : 

A majority of MBA graduates lack in real time industry work exposure. Most of these aspirants never go to actual summer internship during their course. Institutes focus only on their project reports easily available in market. 
Also, the curriculum is very outdated considering the requirements of job market. This results in the output of graduates who doesn't qualify to fit in the corporate needs.

Dismal Salaries

This overall drop in quality is taking a toll on salaries and placements. In the last two years, Assocham says, campus recruitments have dropped by 45%—and salaries are falling.
A typical two-year MBA programme in India costs between Rs3 lakh ($4,510) and Rs5 lakh ($7,517) on an average. But the current average monthly salary for MBA grads is anywhere between Rs8,000 and Rs,10,000, according to Assocham. That translates into an annual pay of Rs96,000 ($1,442) to Rs1,20,000 ($1,804).



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