June 18, 2016

MBA Course on Smartphone, But Will it Lead to a Job

 With the rapid growth of E Learning and courses available online, the value of global e-learning market ha s been estimated to be £70 billion in 2015, from £20 billion in 2010, and the fastest growing markets are India and China. 
MBA online course has been in market fulfilling dreams of several aspirants to have MBA degree. But, what if we say that MBA IS ON SMARTPHONE now. 

Yes, London School of Management has recently launched its MBA program for smartphones. It includes MBA in business studies, and a Masters and two undergraduate courses in the same subject. Its first of its kind of course being offered on smartphone. 

How MBA on Smartphone Course works : 
The course uses an online platform offering students direct access to tutors and learning material via mobile device, allowing them to study whenever and wherever they want.

Launching Mobile based MBA Course in India : 
 Though LMS has launched this course in India as well, however in Indian context, there might be some issues like, trust deficit regarding fee payment, content delivery, credibility and the fact that there is no physical contact point. 
Though Local Access points has been set up by LMS around the world, including 48 in India and 61  Recognised International Business Development Partners (RIBs) across the globe to ensure that students have a physical touch point should they need any sort of administrative support. This means students in India can earn a British MBA, from the comfort of their homes, and without any insecurity of credibility and reputability, asserts Paul Penman, founder & CEO, LSM.

Another feature of Mobile bases MBA degree is "Click and Brick". With this feature, students can meet, study together and enjoy access to our experts. No doubt, earning a British Degree, while sitting in India will save a lot of money of students, spent in traveling and living. 

Fee : 
Fees for bachelor degrees range from £4,950 to £6,250, while those for masters range from £3,950 to £7,950.

Controversy : 

Use of technology in higher education classroom has always been a controversial issue.  Parents, teachers, policy-makers and students alike have weighed and argued the potential benefits versus the risks associated. Lesson planning can become more labour-intensive with technology, but the fact is that we live in a digital world, where the class has instant access to information that can supplement their learning experience.

However, even this smartphone MBA isn’t really inexpensive, considering the fact that we don’t really know how employers will respond to such a course. 

Source : Finance Express


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