June 2, 2016

MBA Degree - Its Not Job Insurance

I have encountered many MBA aspirants as well as MBA Grads in various B-Schools, who think that, getting an MBA degree is likely to have a job insurance. 

I found most of B-School Undergraduates, living in a myth that the day they will complete their MBA, a lucrative job will be waiting for them. 

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Most of them were pursuing MBA only because as a graduate, they were unable to get a job and some one told them ( Most of the times the B-School Representative) that with an MBA degree getting a job would not be more than a piece of cake. 

Not only this, they consider MBA as recession proof. "With an MBA degree, I will never be kicked out of my job, always get a paycheck and will never have to be worried about job hunt," they think. 

Well, my dear MBA aspirants, let me correct you. 
The truth is, having an MBA degree is not like getting a job insurance. So stop considering it that way. MBA graduates also become unemployed. In case if they are not from top 20 B-Schools, most of them stay unemployed as well unemployable. With rise and fall of economic cycle, the graduates from top MBA colleges get affected as well. 

You will have to struggle to get and then sustain your job sometimes. I have found a lot of MBAs ( unemployed ) working as freelancers. They prefer to call themselves as consultants ( a better word for society) but actually they are unemployed and doing whatever they are getting their hands on. 

The most important thing that you must understand that,  the job market for MBA graduates is very unevenly distributed. I can say that the job market is not very fair to the B-School graduates, neither the B-Schools not the MBA course itself have been.

I could never understand, why an MBA needed to be a B-tech. Even why B-techs are allowed to appear in management course admission test like CAT etc. Engineering courses never accept graduates from other streams. So, with every one doing MBA, it increases the competition itself. 

Earlier, it used to be simple graduate to be qualified for a job and MBA was considered as a higher / special qualification. With time, MBA has become a must have qualification to land for a job paying Rs.8000 to Rs. 10000 per month.  

Worse, the number of job opportunities for MBA graduates is also very very limited to the industry you chose after b-school. 

So, if not MBA, what do you need to have a job. All you need is to have ability. Its all about your potential ability. No doubt degree helps you to appear in an interview but look closer, even to get admission in top B-Schools, candidates need to have higher academic scores along with job experience. The market is more cruel to the experienced folks. 

If you are experienced and the economy hits your industry, you will get a blow too. Then hunting for new job becomes more difficult. You cannot switch industry as you have no relevant experience. You are as good as fresh MBA graduate. Also, employers think that, its good to train a new dog with new tricks than hiring an old dog trained for some other task. 

So, don’t believe in those fishy words, that you are being told from day one about MBA degree. Come out of the unemployment myth. The downside exists for everyone, whether you believe it or not. Rather than being overconfident about your MBA degree, rationalize yourself. 


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