June 18, 2016

MBA Specialization : A Lot Depends Upon Your Pesonaity

Before year 2000 MBA programme had specializations in marketing, finance and human resources management only. 

Looking to the industry needs and requirements of the job market many sector wise specializations were added to routine MBA program to make specialized MBA in specific sector.

Choice of specialized programme does not depend only on job prospects but also on personality type of students. 
Many join marketing courses because of peer pressure or it is an evergreen field of growth but gradually find themselves misfits.

There is a simple test for your innate likings. If you are extrovert, like friends and enjoy parties one should join fields like marketing, advertising and public relations etc. 

If one loves to sit and work on desk for long hours, he/she should prefer finance, international business and foreign trade.

Also, two primary factors should be kept in mind while choosing an MBA specialization. One is, of course, the careers available upon completion and the other is your interests. It should be a combination of what excites you and what may offer you a rewarding career. 

If you choose a specialization that has great prospects but does not make you feel charged enough, it will make you disillusioned, sooner or later. Similarly, a profession may give you immense satisfaction, but you may not sustain the work because it is not monetarily rewarding enough or does not have ample room for growth. So, one's choice should be a healthy mix of these two ingredients.

MBA program is a tool which equips to take challenges of life and career. It is up to the student to use these skills for his/her benefits. One must choose the programme which is close to the area of interest so that work life becomes interesting and rewarding.

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