June 3, 2016

Most Indian B-School MBA Degrees are Useless - Why

Close to half million students graduate from Indian business schools every year, but most lack marketable skills despite the degree, according to a new study by Delhi-based trade group Assocham.

India has 5,500 registered B-schools, which produce around 520,000 graduates a year, according to Assocham. Leaving aside graduates of the country’s top 20 B-schools, only 7% of MBA graduates in the country get a job right after finishing their studies, estimates the trade body.
Assocham says the smaller B-schools usually lack the faculty and the facilities needed to produce high-quality graduates and too often leave students with incomplete education. It says many graduates of the smaller business schools end up with salaries of less than 10,000 rupees a month ($150), about what a private driver in Mumbai makes.

Recruiters estimate that well-trained B-school graduates typically earn 25,000 to 65,000 rupees a month, said Surabhi Mathur-Gandhi, vice president at Mumbai recruitment firm Ad Astra Consultants.

Ms. Mathur-Gandhi said that Indian B-school graduates often don’t have good presentation, communication and group discussion abilities. These are important attributes for any business manager, but the Indian education system is so focused on academics that it fails to focus on developing interaction skills.
Students who don’t have these so-called soft skills, may find it hard to get good jobs even if they have good academic scores, she said.
Source : WS Journal


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