June 18, 2016

Want to Change Career In Your 30s ? These are 5 Things You Must Do

Till the time, you hit the point of 'Turning 30', you already have invested  a considerable amount of time, money and energy into building your career to date and now it will now doubt give a sense of apprehension if you get a thought about changing your career to another field. 
But, will it not be worth putting some time and thoughts, if the new career is going to be both satisfying and rewarding.
What, if you are dreading the prospect of going into work every Monday morning. What if you have already started feeling monotony with the current career. 

Its time to give it a thought and shot, to change your track. Its THE TIME. 

Many people have asked about some key points, they can work upon while taking a stand of CHANGING CAREER IN 30s

Here are the top 5 points, that work for everyone. here are some of the best ways to move into a career that you’ll actually enjoy, regardless of your age : 

1. Self Assessment is the Master Key  

It will be a dire move to make a career change in 30s without doing a through assessment of your current career. It has 2 phases. 

PHASE 1, think on following 3 points : 
a) How you like to work ? 
b) What are your career values ?
c) What are the things you love to do, even when not paid ? 

Answering the above questions will help you to identify the type of career you are looking forward to. 

PHASE 2, research work : 
a) Do some research in finding out : 
b) What employers are looking for when it comes to that particular role. 
c) Study current job openings to know the skill required. 
d) What add on skills do you need to be a potential applicant. 

Answering the above will give you some idea of the skills you need to work on and confirm your suitability for that level of work.
2. Identify and Count on Your Transferable Skills :

You may not have direct experience in the new field you’re aiming for, but its not a point to worry about. Examine your skill set and look at what you can take with you into your new career. Check ofn your transferable skills like : Strong administration, computer skills, communication skills and an aptitude for problem-solving. List your strongest traits and assess how they could prove invaluable to your next employer.
3. Think About Further Studies and Skill Development

Undertaking further study can often give you the new credentials required to make a career change.
Taking up add on courses like, executive degree of diploma in relative field can help you in shaping up your new career in a good way.
4. Making a Lateral Move in Current Organization is an Intelligent Choice

If you find yourself midfit in you current role in your company, look into other departments of your choice, where you think you can be a good fit. 
Talk to HR and management about the current openings in that department and apply for the same. Seek advice on how best to approach this with internal stakeholders, including your current manager.
5. Do Some Volunteer Activities

Remember when you were in high school or uni and you did work experience to get a taste for a particular line of work? There’s nothing stopping you from doing the same thing now. If, for example, you’d like to get into event planning, contact some of the event planners you’d like to work with and offer to help out at their next event at no cost in exchange for the work experience. This will give you some first-hand experience that you can add to your resume plus it allows you to start gaining the necessary skills to move into your new career.

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