September 6, 2016

4 Questions that HR / Recruiters Love to Ask and How to Answer it

If you are preparing for an upcoming interview, then this post is for you. 
Though, no one can be sure about, what questions the HR Person of Recruiter is going to ask in interview but its not totally unpredictable. There are some set of questions that are very frequent in any interview and with right information and preparation you can be ready for some of the surprises. 
Based on the querries received about how to answer some particular questions, here are top 4 question that most of aspirants asked. 

Question 1: Have you been diagnosed with any major medical problem?
How to Answer : 1st tip, never lie in interview. If its about any major medical problem, its recommended to answer it correctly with Yes/No, followed by your statement. 
If No, then say : No Sir/Ma'am, I have never been diagnosed with any major medical problem and consider myself medically sound and fit for the job. 
If, its Yes, then also share about your treatment and recovery speed. It will put positive impact. 
Also, if its a major problem, then the company / HR is going to know about it sooner or later and then your employment can be in jeopardy.
Also, most of the companies ask you to give it in written on " Job Application Form" with self attested disclaimer. So, its good to state the truth. 

 Question 2: We have shifts, will you be comfortable working in different shifts?
How to Answer : Though, most of interviewees answer it as straight forward YES. 
Its recommended to asses your situations first and then answer it. Don't answer the question just for the sake of getting the job. If in your employment history, you have never worked in shifts, then it will be difficult for you and the recruiter sitting there is experienced enough to know it. 
Also, before asking this question, the HR Personal has already asked enough about you to know you. 
If you are actually capable of working in shifts and have prior experience only then answer as YES. 
If you have no experience of working in shifts, but ready to take the challenge, answer it as : Yes, I am open to work in shifts. 
It will be followed by other questions like : How will you manage your work life balance ? So be ready with answer stating your planned routine life, or new possibilities that will allow you flexibility. 
In case you find yourself unable to work in shifts, then answer honestly as NO. You never know, that if the job is actually gonna need you to work in shifts. 

Question : Have you ever been convicted of any crime in your life?
How to Answer : Yes or No, speak the truth. 
If you have been convicted of any crime, that will appear in your background check, that most companies do. So, its better to state it. 
If you have been a good person in your life, then answer its as No, I have never been convicted of any crime in my life. 

Question : What was the last salary withdrawn by you OR What's your previous /current salary?
How to Answer : I have seen people lying about it, speaking big numbers as previous salary. 
You must know that, the employers ask for your previous 3-6 months salary slips and bank statement details. 
So, its good to share your actual salary details in the interview. 

All the above question can simply be answered as YES or NO, though its recommended to answer honestly with brief explanation. It will help you to present you as a transparent and honest person and can boost your chances of getting selected. 

By - Alok Kumar Upadhayay



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