September 21, 2016

India top source for MBA seekers in schools abroad

Indians top when it comes to the number of international students applying for MBA programmes in graduate schools abroad, followed by Chinese and Americans.
A 2016 report by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) that carried out a survey on application trends of 216 leading graduate business schools across the world revealed that India is now the top source of international candidates for both one-year and two-year MBA programmes.
“India has pushed China and USA to second and third positions in the international applications category ,“ the report said, adding that about 49% of schools offering full-time one-year MBA programmes showed a rise in applications submitted by international students when compared with the number of applicants under the category in 2015.

“Seventy percent of fulltime two-year MBA programmes recruit international candidates. These candi dates, especially those from China, India and the US, are also a priority for outreach and recruitment by a majority of one-year MBA and master's programmes in management and finance,“ it said.
Apart from the increase in volume of applications globally, as per the report, shared exclusively with TOI, 65% of European graduate business programmes recorded an increase in applications. Oneyear MBA, executive MBA, and online MBA programmes too have grown in popularity .“46% of US programmes and 41% of programmes in East and Southeast Asia grew their application volumes as well,“ it said. On the other hand, fulltime two-year course, parttime, and flexible MBA programmes worldwide are indicating declines this year.
“With the creation of tailored business courses like the Master's in Data Analytics, the demand for business schools is growing,“ GMAC CEO Sangeet Chowfla said.
Source : TOI

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