January 3, 2017

Never Do this before Your Job Interview

In my earlier posts, I have shared some of the interview tips. Thanks for all your overwhelming responses. Though, do you know that, there is a prelim screen, that happens when you are totally unaware of it.
If you have been to interviews earlier, remember random people walking by you while you are waiting for interview. Yes, you got it. That's it.
Just before interview, when waiting, most of the times candidates let their guard down and then happens the unexpected.

Here I am listing couple of points, that you must never do just before your job interview.

Don't be over confident : 
Confidence is one of the most essential part of interview, though being overconfident can be detrimental. The moment you get over confident, you loose your guard and it push you to talk out of order or act out of control.
Generally it happens with couple of favorable signs or hints from interviewer about your candidacy, but you must know that, its all a part of interview. They let you assume and the assumptions take tings south. So, never assume that you have got the job until you really get it in written with due approvals.

Don't be over punctual : 
No doubt, punctuality is a desired quality that employers look for in the candidates. However, arriving too early can leave a negative impression on the interviewer.
Arriving too early means longer waits and who loves to wait.. slowly its starts making you board and anxious. Their are fair chances that, you might slip in interview.

Don't wear your RUDE look : 
Politeness is a sweet candy that makes receiver and giver both happy. No wonder, you will be very polite to the interviewer but you must be polite with other people also you meet during your interview, you never know who is going to work with you and in what capacity. Also, if you are rude to anybody and it gets reported you may just miss out on the job opportunity.

Don't be social butterfly, Avoid Social Media : 
Focus on your interview and keep that smartphone away till the time being. Don't risk losing your focus on errant things on social media. You may miss your call, you may miss your entire focus on interview. I guess your social media profiles and feeds are not important than your career.

- Alok Upadhayay



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