February 5, 2017

5 Body Language Mistakes You Need to Avoid During Interview

Body language is a vital part of job interview and trust me when I say it, it is one of the determining factors of you getting selected or rejected for the job.
You body language says what you don't want to say. But with proper information about what to do and not to do, you can easily control your body language with little practice and crack the job interview of your dream job.

Earlier we had discussed about the 5 Body Langages You Must Know About Before Going for Interview

Today we will be discussing about the body language mistakes that we need to avoid to maximize the chances of selection.

Breaking eye contact
Properer and appropriate eye contact is a crucial assessment parameter for employers to gauge if the job seeker is confident enough or not and if he/she is insecure or deceptive. We don't ask you to stare on the face of interviewer, but try to hold your interviewers gaze for that extra second when you shake hands.

Chopping and Pointing 
Chopping and Pointing fingers represents the anger, frustration and aggression all in very negative way cutting short the connection between you and interviewer. Avoid these gestures even when you get the feelings like them. Instead, manage them by using both your hands in a nicer way, while explaining your point.

Not smiling
Who on the God's Earth, doesn't love a smiling face. A sweet smile brings in warmth and energy. With a gentle smile, you can put yourself and the interviewer at ease. On the other hand, failing to wear a smile on your face will make you come across as a grim and distant personality.

Slouching in chair
Your posture while sitting in a chair before or during the interview carries a lot of weight in terms of you getting selected or rejected in interview. Always sit straight rather than slouching in chair.

Fiddling with fingers
Playing or fiddling with your fingers during interview will put your impression as a bored or disinterested person. By toying with your fingers in interview, you send a direct message to the interviewer that you are not interested in the job or conversation.

Too many hand gestures
Yes, we said it and its absolutely right to use your hand gestures stress some crucial points but it must be balanced.  Too much of hand gestures are distracting and simply annoying. Try to avoid it.

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Alok Kumar Upadhayay



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