February 9, 2017

Top Job Opportunities After MBA

Every MBA expects a return of their investment. Choosing business schools boosts your prospects of career options owning a degree in MBA owes you an edge over competition in many industries. Students appear for various entrance like CAT which is conducted by IIMs along with many other exams over the nation. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council there has been a dramatic rise in applications for MBA Admission.
Selecting a right career with so many b-schools students moving towards MBA programs becomes important for current MBAs. With alarming number of MBAs in the workforce, pursuing a stable and appropriate field ensures progress in your career.
Since you know why you are pursuing MBA, you are required to be prepared with a knowledge base of jobs that need your degree by which you can nurture your career. Let’s take a closer view at the job opportunities after MBA.
1. Financial Manager
Finance is considered to be a perfect match for MBAs due to the fact that it is a aligns closest to graduate education. Financial managers handle company’s financial terms and statements, analyse trends and advertise top management personnel on profits and prepare financial reports due to their strong Math skills.
Many companies look for financial managers owning a degree in MBA since these candidates tend to have software knowledge and analytical abilities required for the job.
2. IT Manager
IT manager looks after company’s computer systems. This refers to ensuring company’s computer systems meet company’s requirement along with upgrading technology and managing IT personnel.
Many companies need IT managers to own a degree in masters according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, U.S. Companies expect their managers to have experience in IT and MBAs are experienced in management to lead a team along with skills to deal with executives.
3. HR Manager
Alarming demands on human resource departments has drawn the requirement for skilled HR managers. This position points towards administrative operations for a company and works on hiring and recruiting for an organization. An MBA along with experienced candidates can advance into this position since HR managers work with executives and take part in strategic planning.
4. Management Analyst
Management analysts provide recommendation to companies on finances, costs and alternate practices and work on resolving issues. According to studies, about 23% of management analysts are self-employed. According to BLS, 28% of management analysts are MBAs and preferred by maximum companies. 
 5. Financial Advisor
A finance job that seeks for MBA graduates is financial advisor. Financial advisors provide plans and strategies for investment, insurance guidance, tax, retirement that aim towards financial goals. This job is mainly meant for those who wish to be their own boss. An MBA help financial advisor attract clients and make it smoother towards a magnetic roll.
The skills and knowledge gain from an MBA course enhances your chances to own any of these jobs and open paths of advancement and enlighten your future.
Amit Paliwal
Amit Paliwal believes in the impact of writing along with developing articles, blogs and notifications. According to him, every word is an ornament of every content and language is the most powerful means of knowledge that can only be achieved through effective writing. Apart from content writing, music, painting and sports are his field of interest.
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