March 9, 2017

MBA Finance Vs Marketing

While MBA is the most sought after course for students aspiring for a corporate career, Finance and Marketing are the two most popular specialisations that students go for. 

While a specialisation in Finance means getting a very high-paying job in banks and financial institutions, roles for marketing students are diverse and challenging. 

Though some students feel that Finance students have a stable market, many feel that Marketing students climb the corporate ladder faster.

In order to take the debate further and get your feedback, we enumerate five main differences between MBA in Finance and Marketing. 

These differences will help you understand about your future career prospects in both these specialisations, and help you in making informed decisions-:

Focus of Study : 

MBA in Finance  : Market analysis, Economics, Investments, Securities, Costing, GDP, taxation, etc.

MBA in Marketing  : Marketing, sales, branding, finance, advertisement, people management etc.

Skills : 

MBA in Finance  : Good with numbers, attention to details, good communication skill, reasoning ability, problem solving skills, make and implement decisions .

MBA in Marketing  : Logical approach, creativity, zeal to sell, willingness to take risks, outgoing personality, communication skills, reasoning skills, problem solving skills, make and implement decisions. 

You should know how to implement marketing strategies in a proper way

Career Prospects : 

MBA in Finance  : The most important role is to plan strategies to raise capital from different sources for effective funding of projects, to assesses risks and benefits involved in projects vis-Ã -vis market economics, work in banks and financial institutions, accountancy firms. 

Students with a MBA in Finance degree can work as a finance manager, budget analyst and finance head. It is the responsibility of finance manager to make sure that organisation act on the basis of preset budget. 

Finance manager also need to interact with the investors on a regular basis because they are the one that provides funds to business entities.

MBA in Marketing  : To design innovative promotional strategies that cuts across people and defies market conditions to bring in profits all time. 

Marketing team helps in bringing in sales - money, which runs the organisation. A student with MBA in Marketing can work as a marketing manager/ head, brand manager, market research analyst and new product manager. 

Candidates with profound knowledge in finance can also look for the job opportunities available as strategic or market planning executives.

Work Profile : 

MBA in Finance  : Compiling financial information, Assessing feasibility of projects, Raising funds for different projects, Cost management, preparing a budget and Analysing legal and financial aspects of new investments.

MBA in Marketing  : Branding, planning, Promotional campaigns, client research, Setting marketing goals, analysing & assessing product feasibility, designing marketing strategies.


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